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Kyle + Michelle's Intimate In Home Session

It is so enriching to work with people who understand what it's like to be a creative. I've always wanted to photograph a intimate in home session and I knew Kyle and Michelle would be the couple to make that happen. I am thrilled that I had the opportunity to work along side my friend, Amaan Chowdhury who is amazing at film and Michelle who wrote a beautiful written piece for this blog. This is the final product of something I am extremely proud of and I am so ecstatic to share it with everyone.

Steep & Savor by Michelle Athena Norton

There’s a tendency to overlook life’s daily microcosms, or alternatively, and equally detrimental, to hone in on them too deliberately. The simple morning: a cup of tea unsavored by its indifferent drinker, brewed without much care. It might be because it has fallen into routine, has become rushed, or there’s a distraction to be indulged. Whatever the justifications, it’s hard not to lose sight of those small moments as a practice; a ritual, so to speak, where each act sets the tone for every motion that follows. This is all about us.
Kyle and I are the crafters of this morning brew: the leaves and beans are our potential, the cup is our home, and the time we steep; the flavor that is drawn out, our dynamic. We choose to savor it—these simple moments you see are but a pixel of the greater picture—this sole cup in a lifetime of burnt tongues, chipped porcelain, calm embraces, and thankful glances. There will always be overcooked pasta and spilt wine, awkward seductions and shrunken sweaters, but then there’s that moment, the one where we realize, recover, and remember that everything is better together. (Blog - Author) (Art & Literature Magazine - Founder/Editor-In-Chief)

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Photography by Sufia Huq